On this day…10 October

On 10 October 1925 Joyce was working on the ‘last watch of Shaun.’   In a letter dated 10 October 1925 Joyce announced to Harriet Weaver that he had started writing the ‘last watch of Shaun,’ now book III, chapter 4 of Finnegans Wake.   Joyce completed book I of the Wake with ‘Shem the […]

On this day…31 May

On 31 May 1927 Joyce complained about misconceptions of his work. The latest fragment of Joyce’s Work in Progress had been published in transition in April 1927. This fragment consisted of the opening 27 pages of what would become Finnegans Wake, but it was greeted mostly with incomprehension. On 31 May 1927 Joyce wrote to […]

On this day…4 May

On 4 May 1939 Finnegans Wake was published. Joyce’s final novel, on which he had been working for almost seventeen years, was finally published on Thursday 4 May 1939 by Faber & Faber in London, and by Viking Press in New York. After the publication of Ulysses in February 1922, Joyce had been occupied with […]

On this day…24 April

On 24 April 1927 Mary Colum published a review of the first chapter of Work in Progress. Colum was reviewing the first issue of transition (April 1927) in which ‘Opening Pages of a Work in Progress’ by Joyce was published. Her review, typical of many reactions to Joyce’s new work, claimed that Work in Progress […]