On this day…1 September

On 1 September 1876 Harriet Shaw Weaver was born. Weaver grew up in a conservative Anglican family, educated by a governess until she was eighteen. Her parents would not allow her to go to university, but she later took courses at the London School of Sociology and Social Economics, and at the London School of […]

On this day…25 July

On 25 July 1926 Joyce sent the ‘Shaun’ episodes of Work in Progress to the Dial. The Dial was a prestigious American review to which Joyce had offered the ‘Shaun’ episodes of Work in Progress early in July 1926. At first the Dial accepted the pieces, then cabled to say they wanted deletions, and finally […]

On this day…6 January

On 6 January 1934 the Solicitor General wrote to TS Eliot about Ulysses. Faber, Joyce’s English publishers, were hoping to bring out an edition of Ulysses but were still concerned that it might be subject to seizure by the Customs authorities or the police. Faber contacted the Solicitor General to seek his advice. Geoffrey Faber […]