On this day…3 July

On 3 July 1974 Samuel Roth died. Samuel Roth, a New-York based publisher of literature and erotica, pirated some of Joyce’s works and was responsible for publication of the first complete, albeit corrupt, text of Ulysses in the US. Born in 1893, Roth grew up in New York, the son of migrants from Eastern Europe. […]

On this day…18 March

On 18 March 1926 Joyce wrote to Harriet Weaver about Samuel Roth publishing Work in Progress. At the time, Joyce was revising the first three of what was to be four watches of Shaun with the prospect of having them published in Samuel Roth’s Two Worlds quarterly magazine. However, in his letter to Harriet Weaver […]

On this day…27 December

On 27 December 1928 a New York court prohibited Roth from using Joyce’s name. Joyce’s American lawyers had been pursuing their case against Samuel Roth for pirating Ulysses in the United States, and finally succeeded in obtaining an injunction banning Roth from using Joyce’s name. Despite the ‘International Protest against the Unauthorised and Mutilated Edition […]

On this day…5 November

On 5 November 1925 Joyce expressed his concerns about Samuel Roth. Joyce expressed his concerns in a letter to Harriet Weaver on 5 November 1925, but the issue went back further than that. Samuel Roth, better known as a publisher of erotica, had begun to publish extracts from Joyce’s Work in Progress but without Joyce’s […]