On this day…27 September

On 27 September 1898 Joyce wrote an essay on ‘subjugation by force.’ The manuscript of this essay survives in fragmentary form, and though the end of the essay and Joyce’s signature and date survive, the opening of the essay with its title is missing. The theme of the essay, ‘subjugation by force,’ has led to […]

On this day…26 February

On 26 February 1917 Constantine Curran wrote to Joyce, thanking him for sending a copy of A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. Constantine Curran was one of the only friends from Joyce’s university days who didn’t appear as a character in Portrait. Nonetheless, Joyce had reason to be grateful to Curran, and […]

On this day…31 October

On 31 October 1902 Joyce graduated from University College Dublin. Joyce had started his studies at UCD in 1898 and completed his final examinations in September 1902. He graduated on Friday 31 October 1902 with a Pass degree in modern languages. Joyce’s grades in his final year were not very impressive – 58% in French, […]

On this day…21 October

On 21 October 1901 Two Essays was published. The two essays were by Joyce and Francis Skeffington and had been rejected by the University magazine St Stephen’s. Joyce and Skeffington then published the essays in a booklet at their own expense. Joyce wrote his essay, ‘The Day of the Rabblement,’ in response to what he […]

On this day…2 October

On 2 October 1902 Joyce was entered on the Register of the Medical School. Having completed his studies at University College on St Stephen’s Green in 1902, Joyce decided to continue his studies at the University’s Medical School on Cecilia Street. Given his lack of interest in science subjects, his medical career was short-lived, but […]