Clinton Cahill’s Illuminating The Wake no. 24

After a ‘canoodling’ interlude, discussed in my previous post, inquiries into Earwicker’s conduct resume. In an evocative alignment of two forms of container, questions are raised concerning the missing letter and the stolen coffin. We have a policeman’s court account of HCE’s notorious encounter with the Cad, followed by a section about the two girls […]

On this day…25 July

On 25 July 1926 Joyce sent the ‘Shaun’ episodes of Work in Progress to the Dial. The Dial was a prestigious American review to which Joyce had offered the ‘Shaun’ episodes of Work in Progress early in July 1926. At first the Dial accepted the pieces, then cabled to say they wanted deletions, and finally […]

On this day…24 July

On 24 July 1928 five copies of ‘Continuation of Work in Progress by James Joyce’ were published in New York. Joyce, who was still pursuing a case against Samuel Roth in America for breach of copyright, wanted to ensure that the same thing would not happen with Work in Progress (Finnegans Wake), and organised for […]

On this day…31 May

On 31 May 1927 Joyce complained about misconceptions of his work. The latest fragment of Joyce’s Work in Progress had been published in transition in April 1927. This fragment consisted of the opening 27 pages of what would become Finnegans Wake, but it was greeted mostly with incomprehension. On 31 May 1927 Joyce wrote to […]