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Finnegans Wakeshop

Bloomsday Festival 2024

12 June 2024 at 1pm

Image from Art of the Wake by Carol Wade

The James Joyce Centre was pleased to present a unique experience at the Finnegans Wakeshop during the Bloomsday Festival.

Carol Wade of Art of the Wake and Des Gunning of Joyceborough looked back at ‘FW85,’ the 85th anniversary of the publication of Finnegans Wake and a headsup on plans to mark ‘Mamalujo 101’ in 2025. Des Gunning has been running the Joyceborough Finnegans Wake Reading Group for fifteen years and Carol Wade has been illustrating the Wake for as long. This year, they and others combined forces for the first time to mark the occassion of FW85.

In Finnegans Wakeshop, they reflected on that experience and look ahead to the coming 15 years, which will bring us to FW100. A copiously-illustrated with live performance of the text and plenty of audience participation. A short film, ‘On the Calends of Mars,’ will be screened.