“The Dubliners Dilemma” – Declan Gorman performance

On 16th October, as part of the 2019 Autumn/Winter Course with Dr. Caroline Elbay, the James Joyce Centre hosted a performance of Declan Gorman’s “The Dubliners Dilemma.”

It begins in London shortly before WW1, in the basement workroom of publisher Grant Richards, who had previously rejected ‘Dubliners’ out of worry it might breach strict obscenity laws. Now he re-reads the manuscript and recalls his uncomfortable correspondence with the truculent young genius. Should he reconsider and publish now? In all their magical glory, the stories of Dublin come to vivid life around him.

From Oslo to Mayo to Moscow, Declan Gorman’s performance based on James Joyce’s ‘Dubliners’ has enthralled audiences and critics nationally and internationally over the past seven years.