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Come and See Me, I’m a Crossword Puzzle


13 December 2022 — Present

Come and See Me, I’m a Crossword Puzzle is a celebration of the art and creativity of Lucia Joyce. Described by her father as a ‘fantastic being’, she became a pioneering modern dancer and artist in the heart of avant-garde 1920s Paris who was acclaimed for her ‘unmistakeable personality’. Incarcerated in several mental institutions during the last forty years of her life for schizophrenia, Lucia never lost her indelible artistic spirit, producing illustrations for Work in Progress, Pomes Penyeach, and other work. This exhibition, based on the conceptional designs of Dr. Deirdre Mulrooney, highlights her artistic output, unquenchable spirit, and arduous life by displaying several of her drawings, letters, photos, and personal items.

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