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It’s a Sign! Zodiac Christmas Variety Show


17 December 2023 at 7pm and 8pm

The stars aligned on Sunday, December 17th at 7pm and 8pm for the premier of It’s a Sign!, Dublin’s first and only Zodiac Christmas Variety Show. It was a festive evening of music, astrological acts, and cosmic events. Each performer played their very own star sign, the roles they were born to play!



CAPRICORN- Méabh McKenna

AQARIUS- Isadora Epstein

PISCES- Cal Folger Day

ARIES- John Francis Flynn

TAURUS- Stephane  Béna Hanly 

GEMINI- Robbie Kitt

CANCER- Mary Keane

LEO- Ruan  Van Vliet

LIBRA- Aoibhinn O’Dea

VIRGO- Sinéad Onora Kennedy 

SCORPIO- Benjamin Stafford

Costumes by AMIE EGAN

Isadora Epstein writes and makes performances from her research of art history and mythology. Her work brings together a multidisciplinary ensemble of artists working in visual art, experimental music, and dance.

The James Joyce Centre is supported by the Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media.

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