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Podcast Last Year in France

Et Voilá ! Franco Irish podcast channel sponsored by the Cultural section of the French Embassy in Ireland. The 2 episodes talk about James Joyce last year in St Gérand le Puy in France with Marion Byrne from Association de James Joyce in St Gérand, Darina Gallagher Director in James Joyce Centre, Dr Adrian Paterson NUI Galway, Catherine Gagneux French Hon Consul Connacht & Donegal

Contributors: Olwen Fouéré reading and performance of Tutto e Scoilto and Finnegans Wake, Paraic Breathnach reading and performance of Flower to my Daughter and The Night piece, Aindreas Muldowney Reading of correspondanc, Laure Terchair/ Laure Chartier music for Tutto e Scoilto, Alan Preims Soundcast and Podcast Galway for Recording, editing, music composed

Listen to James Joyce’s Last Year In France Part One by Et Voilà ! on #SoundCloud

Listen to James Joyce’s Last Year In France Part Two by Et Voilà ! on #SoundCloud