New Autumn/Winter 2018 Course

Join us this Autumn/Winter at the James Joyce Cultural Centre where, led by Dr. Caroline Elbay, our Lifelong Learning programme presents CITIES IN LITERATURE AND MUSIC. This is a series of talks, music, and guest lectures on the varied roles that major cities have played in both literary and musical works of different eras and […]

1-Day Ulysses Course at National Library

Ulysses unlocked: introducing and exploring Joyce’sUlysses on Friday, 28th September 9.15am – 5.30pm for a One-day immersion course. This course will introduce, contextualize and explore Joyce’sUlysses, one of the most important novels in the English language. Beginning with an overview of Joyce’s life and times, the course will discuss the Modernist period before introducing Joyce’s famous novel and then […]