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Ulysses at 100: A Shared Celebration of James Joyce, Georgia and Ireland

November 10 2022

The James Joyce Centre and the Georgian Embassy to Ireland was pleased to host Ulysses at 100: A Shared Celebration of James Joyce, Georgia and Ireland on November 10th, 2022. The event was attended by ambassadors accredited to Ireland, representatives of the Oireachtas and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Honorary Consulate of Georgia in Ireland, members of the Georgian-Ireland Inter-Parliamentary Friendship Group, Senator Joe O’Reilly, and Senator Gerard Crockwell. Georgian Ambassador Giorgi Zurabashvili presented James Joyce’s works and studies, including a recent Georgian translation of Ulysses, to Director Darina Gallagher.

A fragment from the movie ballet Lucia’s Room, filmed by Prof. David Maziashvili and Mariam Alexidze about James Joyce’s daughter Lucia, was screened. Ivane Javakhishvili, Professor of the Western European Languages and Literature Institute of Western European Studies and Literature, addressed the audience from Georgia via Zoom, as did Maia Kiasashvili, the translator of several of Joyce’s work, Prof. David Maziashvili, and a young Georgian-in-Ireland Ambassador Karlo Kovzanadze.

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