Come and See Me, I’m a Crossword Puzzle

December 13 2022

On Come and See Me, I’m a Crossword Puzzle, we marked the 40th anniversary of Lucia Joyce’s December 1982 death on the eve of her Saint’s day in Northampton, England. In the Julian calendar, Saint Lucia’s Day coincided with the Winter Solstice. Join our Saint Lucia’s Day procession celebrating light and love in the dark heart of winter as, anchored by verbatim text, we highlighted Lucia’s overlooked creativity and artistic achievements, commemorating the annual Joyce family Saint Lucia’s Day ritual, in honour of our misunderstood artistic ancestor, Lucia Anna Joyce. Through dance, discussion, theatre, and exhibition, Deirdre Mulrooney has created a beautiful evening to celebrate Lucia Joyce with performances by dancer Lucia Kickham and actor Kathleen Warner Yeates.

The event was in part supported by an Arts Council Agility Award.

Thanks to Aoife Carey, Kathleen Warner Yeates, Darina Gallagher, Dr. Josh Q. Newman, James Moran, Philip Sicker, Fritz Senn, Alison Fraser of University at Buffalo Special Collections, Caitríona Yeats, National Library of Ireland, and Seán Sweeney.

The exhibition will run from December 13 2022 to February 2 2023. It features her artistic output, unquenchable spirit, and arduous life by displaying several of her drawings, letters, photos, and personal items, including illustrations for Work in Progress, Pomes Penyeach, and other work

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